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With stylish aesthetics and a minimal space requirement, PERFORMER PLUS creates a timeless and extremely versatile design suitable for any venue. It opens for myriad options to configure your chairs into a seating scheme tailoring to your venues needs.

  • OUTERBACK: Plywood surfaced with wood veneer
  • BACK & SEAT CUSHION: Ergonomic cushion shaped with lumbar support
  • SEAT PAN: PP with wood insert
  • TIP-UP SEAT MECHANISM: Dual spring
  • ARMREST: solid wood armrest
  • LEG: Strong steel structural support

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Description MM INCH
C/C (armrest center to center) 510/535/560 20/21/22
Overall back height 855/840/825 33.7/33.1/32.5
Arm width 62 2.4
Seat depth 665/700/735 26.2/27.6/
Inner seat depth 460 18.1
Floor to armrest height 584 23
Floor to seat height 445 17.5
Minimum row spacing 850 33.5

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